Your First Visit

On your first visit to the office, you will be welcomed a member of our chiropractic family. You will be asked to fill out a few procedural forms, which will help us gain pertinent information about you.

Dr. Tavis will discuss with you some issues regarding your health to determine the best type of care. This individualized care plan will consider a variety of options to maximize your health. This collaboration between Fairfax Chiropractic and the patient ensures quality care.

After a thorough consultation with Dr. Tavis, you will have a complete, non-invasive chiropractic examination. This will include a chiropractic exam to determine the location(s) of nerve interference, as well as reflexes, muscle strength testing, orthopedic and neurological tests, and x-rays, if needed.

Once the examination is complete, Dr. Tavis will give you a report of findings and offer his recommendations for care.

We will then get you started on the pathway to better health by delivering you first specific chiropractic adjustment and physiotherapies that allow your body to heal faster.